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“If you have your wedding anywhere in the San Juan Islands or as far as Ferah is willing to go you need to book her immediately. My entire experience was great. Ferah was extremely responsive when I first started talking and emailing her. When we did my trial, I showed her a look that she replicated with perfection. She made all my bridesmaids look beautiful and natural. I couldn’t be more happy that she was there on my big day. She made me look perfect and is a joy to work with!”

- Merrilee

“Ferah did my makeup for my brother’s wedding this past weekend in Orcas Island. I was the first in the wedding party to get it done (at 9a) for an outdoor wedding on what I was told was “the hottest day here so far this year”. The wedding was at 4p and it lasted the entire day and night and looked amazing the entire time. Ferah was such a sweetheart and even gave advice I how to do this look on my own.”

- Sandra

“Ferah did my makeup for my brother’s wedding this past weekend in Orcas Island. I was the first in the wedding party to get it done (at 9a) for an outdoor wedding on what I was told was “the hottest day here so far this year”. The wedding was at 4p and it lasted the entire day and night and looked amazing the entire time. Ferah was such a sweetheart and even gave advice I how to do this look on my own.”

- Megan

“Ferah was fantastic! Her work is top rate, all of our looks stayed in place through sun, wind, rain, and hours of dancing. No one in my bridal party (including me) wears much makeup so we were pretty helpless in trying to define what we were looking for. Ferah made it fun and easy and listened carefully to make sure we each got what we wanted. Oh, and did I mention she fit us in with only 2 weeks notice after a woman I was previously booked for had to cancel last minute? I would work with her again anytime!”

- Emily

“Ferah was amazing! I’m not super comfortable having someone do my makeup (especially my eyes), but she made it easy and kept assuring me that I was doing great! On top of that, she kept getting excited about having the opportunity to do someone with my complexion and was very complimentary – she made me feel beautiful!”

“I sincerely loved having Ferah as my makeup artist for my wedding! She was able to accommodate us with just a couple weeks notice and made the process super easy, from beginning to end. Her products are amazing, it held perfectly on my skin at the day of the wedding until the minute I went to bed – plus it left it extra soft for a few days after! She really pampered me and made me feel my best for my big day! Can’t say enough!!! She’s awesome!”

- Amanda

“Working with Ferah was a major highlight of my wedding planning and wedding day experience. Don’t hesitate for a second to reach out to her if you’re considering treating yourself to professional makeup on your wedding day. Her prices are fair, and her support is so meaningful. I’ve always felt really confident doing my own makeup, but anticipated feeling stressed and distracted in the hours before the wedding (that’s what I get for not having a full time planner!). I was also hearing bridal horror stories about pasty faces in photos, raccoon eyes, and self-bronzing disasters, and realized the mental relief of having someone in charge of my face when I had professional photographers around was well worth the cost. What I didn’t anticipate was how FUN Ferah is! We had an absolute blast during my trial appointment. She gave me so much excellent skincare and product advice ahead of the wedding, and really made a point to do everything possible to help me feel calm and allowed to have “my time” on my wedding day. Truly, the hour I spent in her makeup chair converted me from the stressed-out DIY planner to a giddy bride-to-be. I simply can’t thank her enough for how amazing she was, and how gorgeous my makeup looked. I still looked like me, but more glamorous, and the makeup didn’t budge at ALL. I didn’t even need to use the touch-up kit she gives clients, and that says something, because we got married in the rain and stayed on a hot dance floor for hours. Thank you, Ferah!”

- Jill

“Ferah was just who I didn’t know I needed! I don’t ever wear makeup, and with my casual 8-guest wedding I wasn’t planning on getting it done. But my mom hired her to do both of our makeup and told me about it later! I was pretty clueless and had no idea what I wanted other than to look like a nicer version of myself, and Ferah did just that. I wasn’t looking forward to getting caked in makeup but she has a very light touch. I also wasn’t looking forward to spending so much time having to talk to someone who would be right in my face two days in a row (she does a trial run the day before) but she was fun to talk with, open, and put me at ease. My mom wasn’t thrilled with the way Ferah did her eyes for the trial run (though three separate people came up to her that night and told her, without any prompting, that her eyes looked amazing) so Ferah modified the look for the wedding day and my mom was thrilled. She gives you a little touch up bag in case you need it (I didn’t). Having never had my makeup done I was a little uneasy about the whole process before we started but now I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to look fantastic on a special day. And my mom and I look great in all our photos!”

- Elysse

“Ferah was amazing! She did such a great job on all of us. She adapts really well to everyone’s different skin types and wants. Safe to say we all looked gorgeous when she was done!”

- Jessica

“Ferah was awesome. She was responsive to makeup preferences etc – and went above and beyond to help connect me with other vendors on San Juan Island.”

- Rashmi

“Makeup stayed perfect all day! It looked perfect even after crying!”

- Amy

“Ferah made my wedding perfect from trial makeup to the big day. I had a destination wedding and was blessed to have Ferah on the island to give me tips about the best restaurants and places to go. I would highly recommend using Ferah to anyone that’s looking for someone that will make your big day perfect. The best part was that Ferah came to the house we were staying at so I could get ready in a relaxed environment. She did my mother’s makeup too and she looked beautiful too. Thank you Ferah for everything.”

- Camille

“Ferah made my wedding day picture perfect! She is so professional and you can see her passion in her work and great appreciation for cosmetics. She made sure to enhance my natural beauty instead of make me look like someone else. Being out of state from where my wedding was, she effectively communicated with me over several email and a trial run to make sure I had the look I wanted for the big day. She made me look like the most beautiful version of myself for the most special day of my life! My husband cried when he saw me if that’s any indication of her fabulous work! I would recommend Ferah a thousand time over to anyone who’s getting married on the island or has a special event where you want to look your best; she is your girl! Thank you again Ferah for making my wedding so memorable!”

- Haley

“Ferah listened very carefully to what my daughter & I wanted for her wedding and happily adjusted her work till everything was just perfect. She helped keep the wedding prep fun and relaxed and we were more than happy with the results.”

- Giselle

“Ferah was an absolute delight to work with! She got myself, 3 bridesmaids and my mom ready. She was very patient and informative and really made sure she tailored everyone’s makeup experience to their skin type and preferences. Every looks beautiful and loved their make up!!”

- Kristin

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